Cruise on the Qinhuai River

Although this is a close up photo of a cruise ship without much background information, we can still capture some additional information from it to satisfy our visual interest. The ripples on the lake and the water splashes at the stern of the boat indicate that the boat is in motion. The words “Parked in Qinhuai 15” on the hull of the boat indicate that this is a cruise boat of the Qinhuai River scenic area. The overall light and dark shadows in the picture show that the sunlight is shining from the right side at a low angle. In addition, the remaining snow on the top of the boat indicates that it is winter.

Cruise boats running on the Qinhuai River

Indeed it is! At the end of the year 2020 in the solar calendar, a rare heavy snow fell in Nanjing. The Fuzimiao scenic area was covered in silver, and heaven and earth looked so pure and solemn. It was not uncommon for people to come here for sightseeing and photography in the morning after the snow had cleared.

Because the cruise ship is in motion, so I can not think too much must seize the moment in time to shoot. The shooting process went pretty well. What I wanted to convey in this picture – my motive – was mainly from a modern person’s interest in history and retrospection. Of course, the light and dark tones and color contrast in the picture also satisfy my visual interest to a certain extent.

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