Niushoushan Photography Diary

Niushou Mountain is located in the southeast corner of Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, which is a famous tourist attraction with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. I went to browse Niushou Mountain in the late autumn season, although it is late autumn, but it is difficult to hide the gentle temperament of Jiangnan scenery – full of mountains, green trees, small bridges and flowing water, or a piece of red maple into the eyes, it is really refreshing.

Photo Gallery of Niushou Mountain
Arch bridge carved in marble
Arch bridge in the distance

After walking across the marble arch bridge, there is a large open lawn and garden ahead. The sunlight through the treetops sprinkles light and dark light on this area, forming a rich visual layer with the distant mountains and blue sky. The lavender sprouts like purple flames as they try to engulf the lawn.

Empty lawns

People are always trying to find the best viewing angle to better present the features of the object being viewed, which is crucial for photographers visiting the landscape. I walked back and forth in the area a few times and found a quiet spot. I was standing by the lake, surrounded by a swaying willow, if it was a summer night, the moon out of the eastern mountains, the fireflies flying, is a beautiful scenery; but now, only I am alone in the late autumn of the day gazing at the hazy mountains in front of me, it is inevitable that my thoughts wander.

Hazy distant mountains

The fusion of nature and humanity is the main feature that constitutes the aesthetics of Chinese landscapes. Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty has a poem to prove it: A mountain is not high, but a fairy is famous; a water is not deep, but a dragon is spiritual. The mountain is embellished with temples to have some more spirituality. The aura of Niushou Mountain is undoubtedly due to the blessing of the ancient temple. You see, the pagoda of the temple and the hazy mountains cover each other, and the nearby river naturally constitutes a poetic landscape painting.

On the way back, I met a clump of withered cattail grass, which reminded me of the theme of the changing seasons and maturity and old age. At a certain critical moment, one can fall into a philosophical contemplation because of the discovery of an uncontrollable part of oneself. So, I took this photo.

Yellowing cattail

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