Qinhuai river scenery snow

I know that a good photo is often the result of various coincidences, which of course does not exclude the role of the photographer’s personal qualities. But it is an indisputable fact that a good scene is half the success. Of course, I am not saying that my work is good or successful. Rather, from my personal experience, the importance of the subject matter and the shooting environment for a photo is indeed indispensable.

The Qinhuai River after the snow, the water and the sky are one color

The air in the Fuzimiao Scenic Area after the snow was unusually clear, which is undoubtedly an excellent weather for photographers. Because this can reduce the pollution of the picture due to dust, better restore the original appearance of the subject, so that the picture is more pure and transparent.

And it lived up to the expectations! I tried to take a few photos, they are indeed very different from the usual effect of shooting, the picture is more clean. In order to better express the three-dimensional effect of the Qinhuai River, I removed the telephoto lens and replaced it with a 16mm wide-angle lens to increase the depth of field effect. In addition, I adjusted the camera’s visual mode to “Clear”. In this way, the blue sky and the river surface will show a consistent tone. In order to prevent the tone from being too monochromatic, I also let the nearby boats and the buildings along the river into the picture to make it match the warm and cold.

Please remember that good weather is the only way to get good shots.

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