The Republican buildings on North Taiping Road, Nanjing

The Republican buildings on North Taiping Road, Nanjing.For most people, the Republic of China is a not too distant history, but also a period of indefinable sorrow and joy. At that time, there were not only masters like Hu Shi, Lu Xun, Cai Yuanpei, Wang Guowei, Zhang Taiyan, Chen Yinque, but also talented people like Lin Huiyin, Liang Sicheng, Lu Xiaoman, Xu Zhimo.

The Republican buildings on North Taiping Road, Nanjing

In that time, on the not so wide historical stage, a scene of personal fate and national destiny intertwined family and national love, sorrow and happiness. The wave of ideas they stirred up is still very influential in China and the world more than a century later.

More than a century ago, China, under the tide of world revolution, was also experiencing the difficult test of “changes unprecedented in 2,000 years”. Intellectuals with a global vision and a civilized mind sought to save the country, to reform the past and to make a new start, to improve the nationality through cultural improvement, and to build a civilized society. At that time, people could not only talk about national affairs and criticize the reality, but also taste the piano and drink ink, manipulate flowers and live an extravagant and petty life. More than a century later, people from these Republic of China buildings, from the residual text, pondering the past, thinking about the past, it really makes people feel a lot of emotions, sighing.

Today, these preserved Republican buildings have been developed into tourist attractions and commercial use. Every day, they receive friends from all over the world to come here for sightseeing and tourism, and receive different people’s eyes and interpretations. However, they are like old people who have experienced the vicissitudes of the years, and have long looked down on honor and shame and life and death.

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