Traditional architecture along the Qinhuai River

These two pictures were taken in Nanjing Fuzi Temple Scenic Area. The common theme they present is traditional architecture.

Traditional architecture along the Qinhuai River

It didn’t take me much time to take these two pictures, they were done almost in a flash. It was probably because the air was clear after the snow, and the photos turned out quite satisfying. This deepened my understanding of photography: a good environment is half the success of photography.

Qinhuai River is one of the most important attractions in the Fuzimiao Scenic Area. It used to be a place of love and sex in history, where many flirtatious gentry and talented women performed a scene of love stories. It is said that during the heyday of the Six Dynasties, a layer of grease was floated in the Qinhuai River.

With the help of photography we can only imagine, and through imagination to make up for those long-dusted historical details, so as to further restore those living human landscapes.

The pavilions in the picture still retain the traditional architectural style, but the things are long gone. To be precise, these buildings are only the result of renovation over the years. However, I don’t regret it. For photography, I have already gained a lot from these historical buildings.


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